Identifying the Tasks

Because quality is in the eyes of the client, each project starts with a discussion to identify what services are desired. Clarification of these specifics will help Judy Griffin identify what you are looking for:

  • Audience, which will determine appropriateness of material – complexity, tone, voice
  • The number of authors
  • Final output – the look and reproduction plans
  • Budget and schedule constraints

The customer picks from a menu of services from proofreading for grammatical accuracy to substantive edit for organization and meaning. You may also choose complementary services such as layout, publication design, and reproduction guidance and oversight.

Discussion of your preferences might also include these topics:

  • Level of coordination desired
  • Matching style of existing document
  • Preparation of cover and front matter
  • Creation of enhancements such as acronym lists, glossaries, and reference lists
  • Verification of integrity, such as accounting for all parts and establishing accurate references
  • Appearance: fonts, spacing, list presentation, and guidelines for tables, graphics, photographs
  • Mechanical style: use of capitalization, fonts, numbers, and acronyms
  • Substantive review: evaluation of the readability, adequacy, and organization of content

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